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    Taking your driving test? Study finds you’re 50 percent more likely to pass if you do this

    You’re more likely to pass a driving test, exam or job interview if you take it in the morning, according to new research.

    The new study has found that more people pass exams when they’re done earlier in the day – with most people performing more than 50 percent worse if taken in the afternoon.

    For the longer the day goes on, the worse people do in a test involving simple brain power or ‘cognitive function’.

    Researchers for academic journal PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) looked at two million tests taken by schoolchildren aged 8-15 across a three year period.

    They found that results dipped 0.9 per cent for each subsequent hour the papers were completed.

    So an exam taken at, for instance, 3pm sees an average score that is 54 per cent worse than the same exam taken at 9am.