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  • Teenager Driving

  • A driver's licence is one of the biggest status symbols a teenager can acquire.  Gaining a driver's licence is not only a social asset but it makes a young person feel independent and grown up.  Excited teenagers often count down the days, hours and minutes to acquiring their provisional licence, eager to demonstrate to their peer group and the world at large their driving ability. 

    If only teenagers understood that they are about to embark on the single most dangerous activity that they can legally do. Sadly, car crashes kill more teenagers than any terminal illness, drugs, suicide, alcohol or all combined

    The under 17s driver training course is designed to give young people a basic knowledge of driving before taking to the roads which will build their confidence and road awareness and make them better equipped to deal with oncoming traffic situations. I believe that by introducing driver education at an earlier age, young people will also become safer as pedestrians/cyclists/motorcyclists.