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  • Ruth was recommended to me by a friend and after my first lesson I never looked back. Ruth is one of the kindest, funniest, genuine and hard working people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and I am so pleased I chose to learn to drive with her. The majority of people I know generally don't look forward to driving lessons, however over the months I had lessons with Ruth; every single lesson was thoroughly enjoyable and I can't express how much I miss seeing Ruth on a weekly basis. Everything I have learned from Ruth I have put into practice on the road and I feel a safer driver for it. Ruth taught me to be comfortable and confident in my driving and Im eternally thankful for her service. Any time I needed an extra lesson or any driving advice Ruth was just a phone call away and would always find a way to fit me in if I needed an emergency lesson and I am sure she would do the same for every other one of her students. If you are not currently familiar with Ruth, she is the one driving a dark Mercedes with a constant smile on her face. If im completely honest, it baffles me how people choose anyone but Ruth! Whilst learning to drive with Ruth, I developed not only a relationship with my driving instructor - but a friend for life. I feel safe and comfortable on the road and cannot thank Ruth enough for her service.

    Connor Willis

  • From my first lesson with Ruth, we instantly clicked. She was recommended to me by a friend and I knew by that first lesson, that she was the perfect instructor for me. I can honestly say that my weekly lessons were the highlight of my week, and I thoroughly loved every second of them. Ruth was one of the loveliest; most trustworthy; hard-working and genuine individuals that I have ever known, and I count myself as truly lucky to have had her as my instructor. These qualities combined with her results were fantastic. My first time passes on both my theory and practical test throughout my 5 months with her, proved to me and all others, that she really is an outstanding instructor. She created a calm and steady atmosphere and was patient and understanding when I made mistakes. She was constantly happy and ever so supportive during my lessons and we had a wonderful relationship as well as many laughs along the way! Thanks to her and 1st Class Driving School, I now feel safe and calm on the road. Ruth not only taught me how to how pass my test but she also taught me how to drive. Her ability to instil confidence in myself was the most amazing gift that Ruth could have given me, and it is still evident in my practice today. Ruth may have been my instructor but she felt like a good friend, and I truly miss spending time with her. I cannot thank Ruth enough for everything she did for me. I would fully recommend her without reservation and will continue to do so in the future.

    Steph Bennett

  • Ruth is excellent, she will go way beyond the expectations of a driving instructor to make learning to drive easy and somewhat relaxing!! She will push you to ensure you're fully prepared and ready to be on the road without making learning to drive a stressful experience, making you an independent and confident driver. I highly recommend Ruth as a driving instructor not only for her expertise but for her kindness and friendship.

    Naii Bates

  • Thanks Ruth! Passed first time with only two minors ......You have changed my life forever; therefore I will love you forever. I will highly recommend you to anyone I know and to anyone I don't know yet ....You are a star!!!! XXXX

    Hristo Hristov

  • I found Ruth by chance when looking online for a driving instructor and I am unbelievably grateful that I did! I was not the most confident person when beginning to learn and I did not like driving much at all. Ruth showed me that you can drive safely, confidently and that driving can be fun! I always looked forward to my lessons and I feel sad that they are over. I put my entire trust in Ruth without any doubts. Not only did I learn to drive, I got to know Ruth as a person which really helped me to learn. It felt like I was driving around with a friend that I had known for years! If you are wanting to learn how to drive, I would strongly recommend learning with Ruth. I thought I was the least confident person when it came to driving and I never in a million years saw myself with a driving licence! I am very grateful to Ruth for believing that I could do it but more importantly, showing me that I could!

    Emily Hedges

  • I've recently passed my test after 3 months of driving with Ruth. I would highly recommend her, the lessons are a laugh, It was easy to get in touch, and finally Ruth's a great teacher. Cheers Ruth

    Harry Mac

  • Ruth has not only been an outstanding driving instructor, but also an inspirational person that I feel lucky to call a friend. I looked forward to every single lesson I had with Ruth, we created a bond that helped develop confidence in my driving. Ruth created a very welcoming atmosphere from the very first lesson, her kindness and enthusiasm for what she does makes you push yourself and makes you want to succeed. I passed first time knowing I was fully prepared for everything that I could encounter on the road, all thanks to Ruth and her brilliant teaching style. Not once did one of my lessons feel like a chore, we had countless great times on our journey together, her great sense of humour, bubbly personality and caring nature is something I will truly miss on a weekly basis. I am thankful for everything Ruth has done for me; she has been there for me every step of the way, from help with the theory test, to building experience with the pass plus course. I cannot recommend Ruth enough to anyone looking for a driving instructor, I feel like I have been given the best possible start to my driving that no-one else could come close to.

    Alex Patrick

  • I've been learning with Ruth for about 5 months and today I passed my test first time! A massive thank you for teaching me how to actually drive as opposed to teaching me how to pass my test. I feel very confident and I'm very thankful for all of the help!x

    Bethany Paddon

  • I went with 2 other instructors first and found that I wasn't getting what I paid for and was getting frustrated. But I found Jerry to be genuine and honest and he was a brilliant teacher. I passed and Jerry got his car back in one piece, so we were both happy :-)

    Larry Smith

  • After failing my driving test four times previously I was ready to throw in the towel and accept that I was destined for a lifetime of bus hopping. But thanks to Jerry, I don't need to hop anywhere. I can take my car!

    Tracy Johnson

  • I found Jerry to be really patient and calm as an instructor which was really good for me as I usually get very nervous. By the time the exam came around I was so relaxed I could have done it twice! Thanks Jerry !

    Sarah Moisson

  • Thanks Ruth, you made learning to drive fun, building my confidence right from the start. You were so easy to talk to and I felt relaxed - even leading up to my test!

    Nieves Allen

  • Today I passed my test first time at the ripe old age of 35! Years of fear kept me away from learning, but after my boyfriend recommended I learn with Ruth I decided to overcome my trepidation, and I'm really glad I did. Ruth really put me at ease right from the off. She teaches you to actually drive, rather than to just pass the test. Thanks to Ruth, I now feel confident in my skills as a driver. My lessons with Ruth were really fun - she's very personable and easy to get along with, as well as being extremely knowledgeable and skilled at her job. If you're considering where to go to learn to drive, then look no further!

    Natalie Garrett

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